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Since 2010 Inspire has been passionate about seeing the power of football being used for positive change. We are tackling some of the hardest social problems but believe that if we can inspire the next generation to become agents of change we will see the changes that need to happen so we all can live in a fairer and more equal society. The Covid 19 pandemic has shone a light in the inequalities that exist within our society and its now we have to build back better and fairer, and that is why we at Inspire are more passionate than before as we see the need more than ever for young people to be given a chance to succeed.

Nelson Mandela once said ‘that sport has the ability to change the world.’ On a daily basis, we see that change within Inspire whether it is a child being given a chance to finish their education, a young girl given the chance to play football for the first time, a young offender having another chance in life, or a young man being challenged and changed in their thinking about how to treat women. Change never happens quickly, but it happens one person at a time and we are proud of the work that Inspire is doing to change lives and be a part of building that fairer society for all.

Jonathan Hamilton
Founder & CEO


To inspire the next generation through football so they
can be an inspiration to others.


We are a team serving the people we connect through football with creativity and excellence.


Equality is our dream

Women are valued within the network and are found within our leadership, and programmes. We empower women through our Priceless programme and teach men about a new attitude towards women through Pledge United, as sadly so often women are discriminated against and not given the opportunities they deserve.

Excellence is our pursuit

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, ranging from the way we handle our finances to the way we care for our players. We see excellence in all that we do as an expectation, not an aspiration.

We think creatively

We never stop thinking outside of the box as we strive better ways to do the most mundane tasks, as every small marginal gain can make a large impact.

Partnership is key

If we truly want to impact Indonesia, it will only happen when we work with other organisations and build a better Indonesia.

Football is valued

Football isn’t just a tool; it’s something we think has intrinsic value for all people. Therefore, we strive to provide quality football programmes that honour the game we value.

Team is the way we work

We work in teams as we believe this is the most effective way to gain the most out of the people we have.

Integrity underpins our decision

We make our decisions based on full awareness that we are accountable to many stakeholders. We carry out our decisions with transparency and honesty.

Empowering is our passion

The quickest way to multiply our impact is to equip and empower others with the lessons we are learning. We are not looking to build a huge organization but help build a network of partners who share our values and passion.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, created in 2015, provide a development pathway to peace and prosperity not just for an elite few, but for all. From Inspire’s birth we always believed that football was about far more than just winning trophies. In fact, Inspire’s founder visited the refugee camps in Aceh in 2004 and saw first hand how football could bring hope and joy to some of the most desperate people.

In the last few years we have tried aligning our programmes at Inspire with the UN’s SDGs as we join hands with governments, businesses, NGO’s and with people all over the world to see these goals become a reality. Globally, much progress had been made towards these goals but much of that has been undone by Covid19. We believe that our programmes can make a difference, and address some of the inequalities exposed by Covid-19.

3 Good Health and Well Being

UN SDG 3 – Good Health and Well being – Academy – Our Academies continue to provide a place where young people can play and train. Over 70% of the young people in our academies are given football scholarships as we want to invest in the young people that often wouldn’t have access to safe places to play sport.

4 Quality Education

UN SDG 4 – Quality Education – Champions – Having access to quality education is a basic right, but sadly for many it is a distant reality. At Inspire we believe every child should have access to an education and that is why our Champions programme provides educational scholarships for children in our Academy who don’t have the funds to finish their schooling.

5 Gender Quality

UN SDG 5 – Gender Equality – Priceless – At Inspire we believe every young girl is priceless. That is why we run the Priceless programme, sharing with young girls they are valued and they can have dreams.

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

UN SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth – Second Chance Café – For the last three years Inspire has run an academy in local prisons. Now we have a café where these ex-offenders can learn to be baristas, giving them the chance to gain decent work and reintegrate back into mainstream society.

10 Reduced Inequalities

UN SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities – The United Nations highlighted that young people were a group that were often discriminated against. That is why our focus is always young people as we invest in them, enabling them to become leaders.

16 Justice and Strong Instituions

UN SDG 16 – Peace and Justice – Pledge United is our programme to tackle the huge issue of gender based violence.


Institute Global Football Footprint

Inspire Indonesia - Institue Global Footprint

43 leaders from 29 different countries

Holland, Germany, Brazil, Nepal, Mongolia, Serbia, Liberia, Peru, Colombia, Australia, Pakistan, Croatia, Kenya, Belgium, Scotland, Russia Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Egypt, America, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, China – Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Shanghai India – Chennai, Laos, Kerala, Nagaland

Indonesia Footprint

Indonesia Footprint


At Inspire, our first priority is creating a safe environment for every young person we come into contact with. Find here our policy how we maintain those standards.

Our Teams

We pride ourselves on running an academy that is player focused.

As a result, we believe we will inspire the players to be the best they can be, not just on the field but also off it.

We are developing players that are eager to learn and play the Inspire way

Inspire Indonesia Team

Jonathan Hamilton

Founder & CEO

Jon is from the UK but has lived in Indonesia for 13 years. He holds the UEFA A Badge, but his real passion is in developing football for development projects.

Frans Sanger

Medan Director

Frans hails from Bandung. He loves football and is a passionate Arsenal fans. Frans worked as an insurance agent, which he left behind to be on the football field with young people.

Hein Hoekstra

Manado Director

Hein, originally from Holland, has lived in Indonesia since 2012. As the national coordinator for the KNVB, Hein has travelled widely throughout Indonesia. During one of these trips, the opportunity to start a new work for us in Manado opened up and that is why in 2019 we open up our third office under Hein’s leadership.

Sicilia Setiawan

Bandung Director

Sicilia directs the team in Bandung. She also leads our women’s program. She is the national ambassador for the KNVB WorldCoaches program and also an AFC Licenced Futsal Coach.

Dian Pranadinata

Finance Director

Dian has worked in Singapore and in Australia for almost 10 years. She came to us to offer her expertise in how to structure our finances. Even though she is not a footballer, she is passionate about serving young people and is a central part of our team.

Rina Gandwinatan

Administrative Director

Rina, like Dian, doesn’t play football, but has seen first-hand the impact that football can have in changing lives. This is why she is dedicated to ensuring Inspire is run professionally so the coaches can have the greatest impact.

Ryando Tumbel

Lombok Manager

Ryando is originally from Manado but now living in Lombok to oversee our new work on the island. Holding a D-license as well as the WorldCoaches certificate, he is passionate about developing players with the NTB region.

Ronald Setiawan

Media Department

Ronald has been coaching at our Academy for several years before taking on a new role managing our Media and Communications.

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