What is Inspire Football Organization?

Inspire Indonesia

We have a dream, which is that we will all live in a fairer, more equal society, where young people are given the opportunities to learn and play and ultimately be successful. As a result, within Inspire we use football, the world’s most favourite sport,to encourage about the next generation to go on and be an inspiration for others.

Football can be such a powerful tool for change. At the heart of Inspire is a passion to see young people’s lives improved and communities strengthened and restored. Using football’s transformative power in the lives of young people, Inspire has a vision to work through football in a positive way so that young people develop in all areas of their lives. Inspire is an internationally recognised organisation that partners with others who, like us, dare to believe we can leave a legacy of a brighter future for our children.


To inspire the next generation through football so they
can be an inspiration to others.


We are a team serving the people we connect through
football with creativity and excellence.

Our Mission

We value women

Women are valued within the network and our found within our leadership, and programmes. We empower women through our Priceless programme and teach men about a new attitude towards women through Pledge United, as sadly so often women are discriminated against and not given the opportunities they deserve.

Learning is our culture

We don’t fear failing, in fact we expect to fail sometimes as we think creatively and push the boundaries. However, when we do fail, we learn from it and fall forward so we can be better the next time.

Excellence is our pursuit

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, ranging from the way we handle our finances to the way we care for our players. We see excellence in all that we do as an expectation, not an aspiration.

We think creatively

We never stop thinking about outside of the box as we strive better ways to do the most mundane tasks, as every small marginal gain can make a large impact.

Partnership is key

If we truly want to impact Indonesia, it will only happen when we work with other organisations and build a better Indonesia.

Footbal is valued

Football isn’t just a tool; it’s something we think has intrinsic value for all people. Therefore, we strive to provide quality football programmes that honour the game we value.

Team is the way we work

We work in teams as we believe this is the most effective way to gain the most out of the people we have.

Our Teams

We pride ourselves on running an academy that is player focused.

As a result, we believe we will inspire the players to be the best they can be, not just on the field but also off it.

We are developing players that are eager to learn and play the Inspire way

About Inspire Indonesia Team

Jon Hamilton

International Team Leader and Founder

Jon is from the UK but has lived in
Indonesia for 10 years. He holds the
UEFA A Badge, but his real passion is
in developing football for development projects.

Frans Sanger

Bandung Team Leader

Frans hails from Bandung. He
loves football and is a passionate
Arsenal fan. After University, Frans
worked as an insurance agent, which he
left behind to be on the football field
with young people.

Roberto Romao

Medan Team Leader

Romao is from Brazil and played
professionally in Brazil and several
countries within Asia, retiring after a
time playing for Indonesia. He returned
to Brazil but had fallen in love with
Indonesia, and now lives in Medan
where he leads our team.

Yansen Oktavianus

Association Team Leader

Yansen is from Lampung, Indonesia, and is passionate about football and longs to see Indonesia in the World Cup. Yansen is based in our office in Medan and from there he supports the people that have been on the Inspire Training scheme.

Gracesia Siemarga

Champions Team Leader

Grace has a huge heart for the underprivileged. That is why it’s great that she heads up the Champions programme in Bandung and helps these children who can’t afford to attend school.

Hein Hoekstra

Manado Team Leader

Hein, originally from Holland, has lived in Indonesia since 2012. As the national coordinator for the KNVB, Hein has travelled widely throughout Indonesia. During one of these trips, the opportunity to start a new work for us in Manado opened up and that is why in 2019 we open up our third office under Hein’s leadership.

Dian Pranadinata

Finance Team Leader

Dian has worked in Singapore and in Australia for the last 10 years. She came to us to offer her expertise in how to structure our finances. Even though she is not a footballer, she is passionate about serving young people and is a central part of our team.

Rina Gandwinatan

Administrative Team Leader

Rina, like Dian, doesn’t play football, but has seen first-hand the impact that football can have in changing lives. This is why she is dedicated to ensuring Inspire is run professionally so the coaches can have the greatest impact.

Pieta Wiemasuryaning

Marketing Team Leader

Pieta used to work in one of Indonesia’s leading marketing consulting company. Her passion to inspire young people, share knowledge and spread the good cause in Indonesia, the lovely nation where she was born and raised, leads her to Inspire.

Our Partners

Is a Dutch NGO that works with Inspire to coordinate the Indonesia Sports Partnership. This partnership helps NGOs like Inspire build their capacity, so they can give back more to the young people of Indonesia.



Komplek Graha Puspa
Jl. Sersan Bajuri KM 4.5
Parongpong, Kab. Bandung Barat
Jawa Barat 40391, Indonesia
+62 (22) 2788566


Komplek Perumahan Grand Nusa
Pasar II Blok B-4 Lingk. XIII
Tanjung Sari – Medan Selayang
Medan 20132, Indonesia
+62 (61) 821-2464


Tamansari Metropolitan
Cluster Bunaken Blok B4 No. 12
Paniki Bawah – Mapanget
Manado 95256, Indonesia
+62 853 4029 4722