Inspire Programmes


Every girl has the right to a future that she chooses. We believe she also has the right to play football if she chooses. Inspire has been at the forefront of women’s football in Indonesia and we are proud of the 14 girls from our Academy that now have received a full scholarship to attend university. Every girl is precious and that is why we name our girls programme Priceless, as we want every girl to know they are special and have a future.

Inspire Indonesia - Priceless
Inspire Indonesia - Second Chance

Second Chance

We have all made mistakes, some bigger than others. With reoffending rates within Indonesia as high as 80% we need to find ways for offenders to reintegrate into mainstream society. Our Second Chance Academy runs our Academy in local prisons and then provides opportunities for them to become baristas in our Second Chance Café once they are released from prison.

Schools Work

We have worked in local schools since the inception of Inspire. Providing ECA’s and running their teams.

Inspire Indonesia - School Work
Inspire Indonesia - Champions


Every child has the right to play and a right to an education. However, for some young people here don’t have the money to finish their formal education that is why we started the Champions programme supporting young people so they can get a quality education and finish their studies.

International Programmes

The work of Inspire continues to grow beyond the boundaries of Indonesia. We have run a training scheme where 29 countries have been represented. We continue to mentor and help these leaders. At Inspire we are not building a bigger organization but a network of link minded organizations who believe through football we can make a difference.

Inspire Indonesia - International Programme
Inspire Indonesia - Inspire Training

Inspire Training

The quickest way to multiply your impact is to multiply leaders. We are proud of the fact within Indonesia we have run coaching courses in 15 different provinces equipping now over 1,200 coaches. We have also run these courses all over in Asia, in North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and India.