Inspire Programmes

Champion Programmes

At Inspire, we believe that given a good education, every child can be a champion. That is why we have developed a programme that supports the educational needs of some of the poorest children in our Academy. Thanks to the success of this programme, our kids now get scholarships to some of the most prestigious universities in the city, and as a result have a chance of a much better life going forward.

Pricless Programmes

Indonesian women often lack the opportunities available to men. We want to change that and say that every girl and woman is priceless. Our girls’ programme teaches girls about self-confidence, and how they can believe in themselves.

Indonesian girls have so much potential. The Priceless programme helps girls believe in themselves and fulfil their potential. I support this

Atalia Kamil
(Wife of the former Mayor of Bandung)

School Work Programmes

Inspire works in various schools in the Bandung and Medan area. We work at Bandung Independent School, Medan Independent School, St Angela, SMAN 18, Cahaya Bangsa, and Singapore International School Medan.

“Inspire has professional coaches. They are not just coaches, but have become a part of our school community.”

Nicolette Brata
Bandung Independent School.

Mental Illness Programmes

Our team in Medan have been working in a mental illness home. Often the patients don’t have the opportunity for physical activity and our team provide them with the chance to exercise and play. As they do that, we hope their chances of a full recovery increase.

Second Change Programmes

We work in a prison for young offenders near Medan, investing in the prisoners and encouraging them that prison is not the end of their lives and that given the right opportunity they could become stable citizens again. Everyone deserves a second chance and so do these boys.