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Agung, a true story of persistence.

Agung, a true story of persistence.
Agung was one of the scholarship awardees in the Champions programme. Agung was introduced to Inspire when he was still in junior high school by an American family in Bandung. Agung and his brother were eager to join the Inspire Academy, hence their sponsor, the American family, paid for the football training fee.
There were times when their supporters had to return to the US, and Agung began to show up less at our Academy. Then we finally realized that Agung did not have enough money to pay for his transportation to play football. His mother earned money by selling stuff in the market, so Agung was afraid to ask her for more money. Finally, Agung and his brother joined the Champions programme, which covered both their school and football class fees.
In the Champions programme, Agung shared his struggles. He also learned English from the coaches, as well as futsal skills.
I cannot stop. When other people walk, I need to run. It’s okay to take a rest, but I always remember what my purpose in life is. Don’t lose to our condition. We need to always learn and work hard, because success requires satisfaction”.
Agung is now working in the public service sector for the Ministry of Health in the West Bandung region.
My message to the other Champions kids: Don’t be discouraged by the circumstances. When we get through it all, the storm turns into a rainbow for us. Set your dream as high as possible, so when we fall, we are still up in the sky. Don’t drop out of school, and always be eager to learn new skills in football or futsal.

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