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KNVB WorldCoaches Online Course for Pledge United Alumni

Inspire has been appointed as the KNVB WorldCoaches facilitator in Indonesia for the last 6 years. This year in September, we collaborated to run a 4-week online training as refreshment course for selected coaches who’ve taken part in our Pledge United programme. The participants came from 9 different cities where we held our Pledge United programme a few months earlier. This online course was held during PPKM in Indonesia and was fully supported by the KNVB World Coaches. 
Despite all the challenges to stay connected during the online session every week, 96% of the participants have finished well and received new knowledge in football. The sessions covered: the purpose of football, football ingredients, life skills, the player’s characteristics in every age groups, how to be a good coach, and what good training looks like. We were delighted that the 24 coaches would get their finisher certificates from the KNVB WorldCoaches. 
Biggest appreciation to Coach Piet de Jong & Coach Sjaak Tersteeg, both are UEFA A licenced instructors from @knvbworldcoaches. Check out our news page for more updates from us. 

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