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New Partnership With UNESCO through #WomenInSport Campaign.

Inspire is delighted to announce that we are partnering with UNESCO to help empower Indonesian women through football. As we look to build back after the Covid Pandemic we all want to strive to level out the inequalities in our society. Within Indonesia, like in many other countries there is still huge discrimination that women have to face on a daily basis. That is why UNESCO and Inspire are partnering together to highlight the benefits of playing football can have for women and girls.

The UN have campaigned for many years to provide equal access to sports as playing sports provides young girls with,
  • Better physical health Playing sports leads to a health menstruation, reduced risk of obesity and higher body self esteem.
  • Better grades at school – Playing sports helps girls organize their time so they are more effective at school which leads to better grades at school.
  • Better emotional health – Playing sports leads to better self image and self esteem
  • Better career prospects – Ernest and Young found that 94% of female executives in the US played sports either at school or college.

That is why Inspire and UNESCO are excited to share this short video that highlights the benefits of playing football and also challenges men in the way we view women. JonHamilton the CEO of Inspire shared, ‘I couldn’t be more excited to be working with UNESCO on this project. We have seen the power of football to help change lives locally in Bandung, Manado and Medan and I hope this video with encourage others to play.’ Sicilia Setiawan who coaches the Inspire Girls team shared, ‘one of the reasons girls don’t start playing is they don’t have the role models that the boys do, we wanted to change that and this video highlights girls who have gone before them and the positive effects football has had on them, and their future opportunities.’

Watch the video here and join our online campaign at

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