Pledge United

In 2016 United Nations released their study into rape within Asia. They found that 23% of all Asian women had been raped in their lifetime. In certain provinces within Indonesia, the rates were even higher. As a result, we dreamt of a programme that will help raise awareness for this issue, and help achieve an Indonesian society that is more peaceful, less violent and inclusive for all its citizens.

Abuse is rampant within Indonesia and as an organization that works predominately with teenage boys, we had a responsibility to try and be a part of the solution to this issue of abuse. The sad reality is women may have rights now within Indonesia, but the discrimination hasn’t stopped, all that has happened is that is the discrimination has evolved.

To combat this, we developed the Pledge United programme to educate boys on the impact that violence against women has on women, society and also men themselves.

The United States Embassy in Jakarta is proud to support the Pledge United and Priceless programs, which were created by young leaders with a vision for a future free of gender-based violence. In both our countries, young people are leading the way through positive actions in their communities.

Emily Graham, US Embassy Jakarta.