Yuli was 14 years old when she first joined Inspire and all she wanted was to play futsal. But she got so much more than that, at Inspire, Yuli got to play, but was also inspired to dream big dreams, find her self-confidence, believe in herself that she is capable, and to not give up easily. Yuli received a scholarship to University through futsal, has since graduated with a bachelor's degree and works at a bank. Her life was changed through futsal and she was empowered to pursue her life's purpose through her experience at Inspire.

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Wesly, joined the Inspire Medan Academy in 2015. Six years later, as he continued to play, Wesly started to open up more that he had no hopes or views about his future after finishing high school. He only had hopes to join his parent's motorcycle cleaning business and work at a factory near his house. However, Wesly was inspired to continue his education through the encouragement of his Inspire coaches and small group. He received a scholarship from university and is studying sports with the dream of one day becoming a coach or teacher. Wesly was empowered to pursue his life's purpose through this experience at Inspire.

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Afriandi first played with Inspire while serving in a local prison in Manado. Upon his release, Afriandi was given an opportunity to work in Inspire's Second Chance Cafe as a way to help him integrate into a successful life post-prison. Afriandi not only flourished in the cafe, he has since been hired at a new ice cream shop where he receives a decent salary and is well respected. We are so proud of this young man who was insecure and unsure of himself, but is now supporting his family. Afriandi was empowered to pursue his life's purpose through this experience at Inspire and now has become a leader in our community, coming back to help other young men in our program.

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